Kitchen Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, 2 Stage Diamond Coated Wheel Sharpening System that Sharpens Dull Knives with Steel or Ceramic Blades by Swiss Cas

  • TWO STAGE SHARPENING SYSTEM – Use the coarse slot with carbide blades on damaged or dull knives. Step 2, give it a polished razor-sharp edge with the fine slot that has ceramic rods
  • EASY TO USE WITH NON-SLIP BASE – Non-slip grip bottom allows a stable sharpening on the kitchen countertop. Suitable for left or right-handed, with full hand protection while sharpening and a comfortable, soft handle
  • FOR STRAIGHT EDGES AND SERRATED BLADES – Unique versatility sharpener design that helps repair damaged straight and serrated blades with just a few pulls through the 2 stage handheld sharpener
  • SHARPENS ALL TYPES OF KNIVES (STEEL OR CERAMIC BLADE) – Works on Asian, Japanese Damascus, American or European knives, provides precision sharpening on hard steel, stainless steel, ceramic knives, on any kitchen knives, fillet knives, and butcher knives
  • DURABLE, AFFORDABLE, PRECISE AND EASY TO STORE – Manual sharpening protects the temper of the blade and gives full angle control. Made of high quality solid and durable stainless steel, premium ceramic rod and diamond grinding wheel

A sharp knife is a safe knife!

Don’t lose your edge! We’ve adjusted the handle knife sharpener, so you will end up with razor-sharp blades without damaging the blade.

2 Step to true sharpness: ⭐ Diamond, the knife’s best friend! ⭐ Ceramic rod

When to use Swiss Cas Knife Sharpener?

When you have a dull knife that needs more force to cut through food ending up with poorly cut food and more likely to slip and cause accidents.

When it’s not sharp enough to cut paper.

When it smash tomatoes or slip off on onions.

When the edge has inconsistencies.

Why Swiss Cas Manual Sharpener?

▪️ It allows you to pull the blade through the slots with even pressure due to the design that holds the knife steady.

▪️ Compact design that can be easily stored in any kitchen or can be taken on any cooking travel experience.

▪️ Easy and fast at sharpening most kitchen knives.

▪️ Can be used on both steel and ceramic knives.

▪️ Can restore dull old knives in seconds.

▪️ Can be used on serrated knives, sharpening not only the edges but the deep valleys too.

▪️ It’s safe to use, keeping your hand away from the sharpening system and steady on any surface due to the rubber bottom.

 Suitable for✔️chef’s knife ✔️pocket knife ✔️steak knife ✔️fish fillet knife ✔️cheese knife ✔️hunting knife ✔️fruits and vegetable knife ✔️butcher knife

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