Retain-it – The Safe, Clip-on, Retainer, Mouth Guard and Dental Appliance Storage Solution! (Green)

  • Secure, lightweight storage case clips to any backpack, sports bag, purse, etc.
  • Store and protect sports mouth guards, retainers, whitening trays and other dental appliances
  • Perfect for school, for sports, while traveling or at home!
  • Machine Washable – cold water / air dry (remove carabiner)
  • Plastic clam-shell (included) securely held inside of Retain-It! (Now Patented!)

Never Lose Another Dental Appliance! Slip-It, Zip-It, Clip-It. – Slip it out of your mouth – Zip it safely inside the Retain-It – Clip it securely to a backpack, sports bag, purse, etc. Perfect for Retainers, Sports Mouthguards, Whitening Trays, Clear Aligners, Anti-Snoring Devices, Bruxism Appliances. Etc.
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