The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet


1st Place: 2015 International Digital Awards, Young Adult Novel

Sometimes staying silent is the biggest lie of all.

Sophomore Jolia does the one thing no one expects from the girl who has perfected the art of keeping quiet.

She joins the speech team.

Jolia can’t confess the real reason-not to her best friend, her new teammates, or even to crush-worthy rival Sam who offers to coach her in secret.

Keeping quiet might be the easy way out, but when what Jolia doesn’t say starts to hurt those around her, it might just cost her a best friend, her spot on the team, and even Sam.

But she isn’t the only one with a secret. It’s going to take words-her words-to make things right.

If only Jolia can find them.

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  1. Full of Hope says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Can’t Keep Quiet About This One, June 26, 2014

    A brilliant work. Moving, relatable, entertaining, thought-provoking. Beautiful. Charity Tahmaseb: I wish your book had existed when I was fifteen.

    With that said, I think The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet can (and should) appeal to a wide audience, even to people like this particular reader who, for the most part, stopped being a young adult fiction reader after her young adult years ended, if not before. Granted, I do still write about young people, and there are plenty of high schooler moments in Keeping Quiet to remind me that Jolia and her peers are indeed high schoolers, but the essential question raised in the novel is so universal: what happened to your voice, dear human, and how are you going to bring it back?

    I appreciated the dry humor in much of Jolia’s narration, which is also full of many other nuggets that gave me pause. Honestly, what does humiliation sound like? Jolia shows us how we focus so much on our defects, real or imagined, past or present, until we’ve turned them into something they’re not. I also found the progression of the friendship and romance dynamics in the story engaging, and Tahmaseb unfolds the storyline with a deft hand.

    In the face of failure, embarrassment, insecurity, or what have you, there’s hope. This novel, for its brilliance, has earned a spot on my list of all-time favorites.
    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  2. J. Hooligan @ Platypire Reviews says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    5 Platypires, April 11, 2015

    I was given an audio copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this book. I recently subscribed to an audiobook list that sends out audible review requests once a week. There was nothing else on the list I was really interested in, so I applied on a whim. The next day I found out I had been given an audible code in exchange for the review.

    A week or so goes by, and I decide it’s time to actually give it a listen. I really have no expectations for it. I’ve never heard of the author and there aren’t many reviews on either amazon or goodreads.

    To say this story surprised me would be an understatement.

    The entire time I’m listening to it, I’m either yelling at it for someone’s insolence, laughing because of some hilarity, or face palming because of how often something huge was not dealt with properly as the characters thought they could handle it on their own.

    I finished this one in a day. Instead of sleeping. I had to go find headphones so I could listen to it after everyone was asleep. … I hate headphones. That’s how much I NEEDED to finish this one.

    Also, and this is a very important thing. The author is totally a Whovian. She mentions it several times! The first time, Jolia is wearing a Doctor Who shirt with pajama pants. Which happens to be EXACTLY what I was wearing at the time.

    I plan on checking out more stories from Charity Tahmaseb after this one.I really enjoyed how real this story was. Also, it made me miss speech class. Which I only took for one summer semester back when I was 13 or so… but I loved it! (I spent the entire summer talking in an accent and managed to convince the entire class that I was from England…)

    Ah, and Ashley Klanac, the narrator, I was pleased with her as well. Quite interested in checking out more of her narrations. She’s done a few other books that I’m interested in.

    Highly recommend The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet. Read it immediately!

    5/5 Platypires


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  3. Tsvetalina Baykusheva says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    To thine own self be true!, July 25, 2014
    This review is from: The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet (Kindle Edition)
    Loved it! Definitely!

    Despite the fact that I live at the other end of the world and our school had nothing to do with the US system, I really got hooked up. I might be double the age, but I felt like the teenage Jolia from the book and I stayed up till 2 am to get to the end of the story (instead of resting before a 12-hour work-shift).

    That book really made me think of all the teenage issues – how we look like in the eyes of others; how sincere children are without thinking, if they can hurt the other or not. They just don’t have the polished fence the adults have put on.

    How a single line can turn your world upside down and how long it takes to regain your balance and inner peace. How adults learn to politely lie or just keep quiet and how we carry the bad memories from our childhood into our adulthood.
    Just think of all those successful businessmen, who don’t have a private life, ‘cos they think they are not worth it.

    Yet, what really matters at the end is to be true to yourself, to have your own self-respect, dignity and self-love!

    Thank you Story Cartel for the reading opportunity!


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